Overseas-Indian-Affairs-Ministry-Migrant-Rights‘India’s national shame’
25 October, 2013: Delhi

“The establishments of institutional arrangements for the welfare of ‘Overseas Indian Community’, as highlighted by the Government of India, are intentionally deceptive, untruthful and purport to demonstrate that there are procedural remedies or tactics”.

In January 30, 2013 endeavours were made by this petitioner towards a strategy formulation and implementation of ‘Mutual Human Rights Law and Reparation Mechanisms’ between the Government of India and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, mandating our elected representatives and officials to eliminate discrimination and imbalances of Overseas Indians working in different countries.

The Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi has written to the petitioner that the Government of India has established various arrangements for the welfare of Indian community and assistance to the distressed Indians abroad.

Soon after the second reminder of the petitioner, the ministry wrote insistently, vide its letter that whatever the Ministry had written about it are only their ‘VISION’ and nothing else. The captions may hence, not be treated as confirmations
Read ‘India’s national shame’ full text: http://www.judgmentforsale.com/blog/indias-national-shame/


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