Dictatorial-Ruler-United-Arab-EmiratesThe legacy of torture in the UAE; you may have never heard of!
07 November, 2013 New Delhi

A true story of an Indian national, a torture survivor of inside the regime’’s brutal prison in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and most importantly a THREE times of ‘Judgment Creditor’ (winner) from the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, the law of the land is worth nothing, instead of enforcing the Court Orders, the victim had to undergo extremes of violence and abuse by State Police of Abu Dhabi, which no human being can withstand.

Flouting court orders is totally destructive of the Rules of Law and norms internationally upheld for safeguarding Human Rights. The duty and responsibility of the authority to protect a ‘Judgment Creditor’’ against the threats of violence was left unattended. Finally, the victim was deported back to India by ‘false statement of facts as if he was punished for a crime’.

In India, the petitioner has made numerous representations to the Union Government of India.

The following representation to the Government of India sheds light on the active involvement of the petitioner, a ‘Judgment Creditor’, in the process of getting justice and its far-reaching consequences.

The legacy of torture in the UAE; you may have never heard of! Full Text

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